10th in 2011 PASS North Points
"DeSouza Makes His Mark"
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January/February 2012
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2012 Race Results & Photos
SAT,  OCT. 20th
11th Place
After a strong run in the heat, Kyle started in 5th and raced with in the front pack before
losing grip and finishing in 11th.
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15th Place

Running strongly in mid-pack, Kyle was
one of ten cars caught up in a lap 162 backstraight melee that started in the
top four. Quick pit work removed the
damaged body panels and jacked up
the front bumper bars. A front toe
check and the #88 was back on the
track to complete the race in 15th.

Jamie Williams
SUNDAY,  AUG. 12th
14th Place
Feature >>

20th Place

Pit stops for a torn up tire and damage repair put Kyle laps down in 22nd place
in a tough night at Seekonk.

4th Place

Kyle battled into the lead by lap 50 and was pulling away until a lap 128 caution closed up the field. Side by side with the #77 of Casius Clark, Kyle was blocked by a car returning to the racing surface after a spin and lost his momentum. The #29 and the #35 then raced around Kyle who held 4th at the checkers. The #88 led the most laps of the race and put on a great show of smoothness and speed for the OPS fans.


13th Place


20th Place

The #88 had a tough day with continuing ignition problems and then a sudden steering rack failure in practice. With a nice run in the heat, Kyle earned a 7th place starting spot and ran with the leaders in the top five for the first long green run. But being forced low over the concrete rumble strips damaged the left front shock and the #88 lost its handling. Stops in the pits couldn't make the car better, and Kyle struggled on to a 20th place finish one lap down.

20th Place

Mechanical problem forces
the #88 out on lap 39.
12th at Chaudiere

No. Woodstock, NH
4th at 660
Kyle Charges to 4th in Canada
Starts long climb back up the standings
After their blown-motor disaster at White Mountain and a rain out the next week at Riverside, Kyle and his team decided to make the long treck to Speedway 660 in New Brunswick, Canada. Said Kyle, "it would have been really easy to quit but after talking it over with my dad and (crew chief) TJ, we decided that getting up and fighting would only help us be a stronger and better team in the future. We reviewed our engine program and are going to make some changes to benefit us not just this year but for the next two seasons as well."

After settling into the pits in the beautiful Canadian countryside, Kyle and his trusted "A" car, powered by a newly acquired (but used) stock crate motor hit the track and quickly found himself in the middle of the time charts. After two rounds of practice and few adjustments Kyle was clicking off top-5 times but a little leary of his cars ability to race. Said Kyle, "she's fast but I'm not sure I can race with it".

Kyle continued his streak of bad draws, starting 8th of nine cars in a heat that featured 8 of the top 11 drivers in the point standings. In a very uneventful heat, Kyle crossed the line 7th but enthusiasticly declared that his car was now very drivable and that he was saving his tires for the feature.

In the feature, Kyle started 14th but within one lap was mired in 18th place having been dragged backwards by a laboring car in front of him. Once things settled down, Kyle took advantage of a long green flag run and marched his way forward settling into 7th place. Restarting 7th, Kyle was victimized by circumstances and within a lap washed back to 12th. Undettered, Kyle quickly moved back to 9th were he contently settled in as the crossed flags signaled the competition caution.

During the competition caution, Kyle pitted for his new right-side tires, a splash of fuel and quick drink. A quick review of the car by Kyle's dad and volunteer Dustin Hubbard (previously retired from the race) showed a torn off rocker panel and marred door and fender from a hard fought lap 80-100 battle with defending Auto Zone 250 winner and Maritime star Shawn Tucker, but no structural damage. Reshod and hydrated, Kyle resumed the battle, restarting in 9th. Leading the field to green were Travis Benjamin along with superstars Johnny Clark and Cassius Clark.

With the field virtually unchanged, the caution quickly waved for one last time at lap 109. Unbeknownst to the competitors, when the green came out, it would be for the final time as the field would run the remaining 91 laps without a caution. As the field strung out Kyle began picking off his competitors one-by-one. With about 40 laps to go Kyle worked himself around his friend and fellow Massachusetts native Derek Ranstrom and into 4th place. Now trailing only Benjamin and the two Clarks, Kyle set his sights on the Cassius's 77 machine but the margin would prove to be too much to make up. The long green flag run had the four leaders in constant traffic and despite clicking off better times than the leader, Kyle wasn't able to able to overcome the gap created during his run from 9th to 4th. When the checkers waived, Johnny picked up his second win of the season followed by Benjamin, Cassius, Kyle and Ranstrom. Joing the top-5 as the only other car on the lead lap was veteran racer and gentleman Gary Smith.

After the race Kyle commented, "We probably had a good enough car to win today but we lost too much ground coming forward from 9th. Once I got clear there was just too much ground to make up on the top 3. Had we gotten a caution and been able to restart there in the top 5, we might have done a little better." The 4th place finish gave Kyle three top-6 finishes so far this season. If not for the blown motor in practice at White Mountain..."

With a week off Kyle and his team will be testing at Oxford with an eye toward the prestigious Oxford 150 on July 21. Said Kyle, "July 21 is a date the whole team has circled on its calendars."

 Kyle returns to competition sporting his new "B" car on June 23 in Quebec, Canada.

No. Woodstock, NH
Disaster Strikes the 88 in Practice
Blown motor ends day and puts the season in peril
Kyle took to the track at White Mountain sporting his familiar "A" car and the teams only motor, a Nat's Racing Engines GM cam-crate. Kyle immediately put himself atop the speed charts before disaster struck. Without warning, the bottom fell out of Kyle's motor, the tell-tale trail of black smoke signalling the end of the day and possibly the end to a promising season.

With the 88 done for the day, the team scrambled in the pits to find a backup plan. Alexandre Gingras from Quebec graciously offered up his backup 27qc for Kyle indicating that the car needed shocks and had a brake issue that needed to be resolved. With help from Joey Dorions #73, the team scrambled to transfer the shocks over and went to work on the brakes. Despite having the shocks moved over, the team couldn't solve the brake issues. Even ACT Tour superstar Joey Pole and his team took a crack at the brakes without success. With the 27 no longer an option, PASS Tour Veteran Ben Rowe made arrangements for Kyle to pilot the ACT Late Model of White Mountain racer David Lebreque for the start of the race ensuring that Kyle at least got some points out of the day.

With one green flag lap complete, parked the borrowed #57 ACT car, finishing 26th for the day. With no other motors in the barn and now severly hurt in points the team is unsure if it will be able continue on to Riverside next Sunday.

THANKS -  Kyle would like to thank Gingras, Lebreque, Scott Dragon and DJ Shaw for offering up their cars in one capacity or another. He'd also like to thank Andy Shaw, the #73 team, the Poles and Ben Rowe for their efforts as well.
Kyle Rallies for 6th Place Finish at Star
Takes over 3rd place in PASS North SLM Points
One week after their 6th place finish at Beech Ridge, Kyle DeSouza and his small race team marched into Star Speedway for the Star 150. Settling into the pits and taking the track for practice on Friday evening, Kyle quickly found himself near the top of the speed charts. After a few additional adjustments by crew chief TJ Bracket, another 30 laps on the track and another 1/10th gained, the 88 Chevy Impala was parked for the night.

Race day brought a bright sun and 80 degree temperatures. It took only one practice for the team to realize that the 88 was not what she was the evening before. Despite the best efforts of the team, practice ended with Kyle sitting in the bottom third of the speed charts.

With one final adjustment, Kyle took the track for his heat race, starting last in the 7 car field. Kyle was content to settle in the back of the field and save his tires until the caution waved at lap 11. With the field bunched up and Kyle up to 5th, Kyle made a quick move to capture and settle for 4th, garner himself a 10th starting position for the feature.

As day turned into night and the temperature started to cool, the team made one final adjustment for the scheduled 8pm feature start time. When the green flag dropped, Kyle settled in running with lead pack. After a few cautions, Kyle found hismelf sitting in 7th around lap 38 when adversity struck. A spinning lapped car caused the leaders to all check up sending the 88 into the back of the 73. With the hood buckled and right fender dragging, Kyle headed for the pits.

Retaking the track at the back of the field, Kyle found himself 20th and two laps down. After a short green flag run, Kyle realized that his car was still intact and capable of running near the front. When the caution waved next, Kyle got the "lucky dog" and picked up a lap. With the race half over, Kyle now sat one lap down and at the tail end of the field. The next green flag run was over 50 laps. During those 50 plus laps, Kyle worked past all the other laps cars putting himself into position for the next lucky dog. Unfortunately the long green flag run allowed the leaders to lap more of the field, with each passing of a lapped car, that newly lapped car became the lucky dog until Kyle himself passed that car.

The caution finally waved with about 30 laps to go and despite being 6th on the grid, Kyle wasn't the lucky dog. Instead he was still sitting 12th one lap down. With 19 laps to go potential disaster struck the speedway. A power outage in the town of Epping, cast pitch black darkness over the track as the cars sped around at near 100 MPH speeds. In a tribute to the quality of the racers on the PASS Tour, all cars were able to safely stop on the track without incident.

When racing resumed, Kyle got the lucky dog wave around and despite still being 12th (and at the end of the grid) Kyle was back on the lead lap. As the laps wound down, Kyle charged forward passing all but one of the lapped cars and five of the lead lap cars, crossing the line in 6th place.

Said Kyle, "early on, I thought we had a top 5 car then after the wreck I was just hoping to finish. We worked hard to over come adversity today and got a great finish from what could have been a bad day".

Kyle Settles for 6th in Pass North Opener
Kyle followed up his good runs in the South with a solid 6th place finish in the PASS North opening race at Beech Ridge. Kyle unloaded his car on Thursday morning for practice and quickly found himself nestled near the top of the speed charts. After a rainout on Friday and additional fine tuning by crew chief TJ Bracket, Kyle concluded practice on Saturday afternoon firmly entrenched as one of the fastest cars amongst the 36 competitors on hand.

Kyle started 7th in the heat race and promptly got dragged back to 8th by a slower car before being able to break free. Once free, Kyle picked off three competitors to finish 5th, a fender out of 4th, in the 15 lap heat race. Thus, earning a 13th starting spot in the feature.

In the feature, Kyle took his 13th starting position and quickly started to move toward the front. By lap 50 Kyle was firmly entrenched in 3rd place, sitting behind only DJ Shaw and Lonnie Sommerville. Together the three moved forward together lapping well more than half the field until the caution waved.

Kyle got shuffled back on the restart, finding himself in 6th place on lap 75 before driving back to 3rd by lap 100. When the caution waved on lap 102, Kyle once again found himself comfortably in 3rd, trailing Sommerville and new race leader Joey Dorion. When the green dropped Kyle, Dorion and Sommerville quickly scooted away from the field. On lap 115 Kyle made his move on Sommerville, the two battled side-by-side with 2nd place changing each lap. By lap 122 with Dorion slipping away and Kyle unable to complete the pass on Sommerville, Kyle fell back in line, willing to settle for 3rd.

Sitting in 3rd with 10 laps to go and once again in lapped traffic, the 88 started to noticebly give way (later it was revealed that the right rear tire was losing air). Over the last 10 laps Kyle gave up three positions and limped home 6th as Dorion captured his first career PASS victory followed by Sommerville and Derek Ranstrom. When the dust settled, the frantic pace by the leaders left only 8 cars on the lead lap.

When interviewed, Kyle heaped the praise on his young crew chief, "TJ has been very patient with me this year and is always willing to make the car a little bit better. As we continue to gel as a team, I hope to have alot more top 5 runs." Kyle would also like to thank, Vanna, Steve, Mark, Pete and Tim Senior for all their help over the weekend as well as all his fans in attendance.
Mechanical Failure Ends Top-10 Run in the Easter Bunny
With momentum from his good run in the South Carolina Clash, Kyle again headed south, finding his way to the Easter Bunny 150 and the famous Hickory Motor Speedway in North Carolina. With 40 cars on hand, just making the show was going to be difficult. After two days of practicing, Kyle found himself in the middle of the speed charts and right on the cusp of qualifying on speed.

Saddled with the disadvantage of running a crate motor, Kyle missed qualifying on time by .005 seconds, sending him off to one of the two last chance race. The first last chance race saw fellow Pass North racer Ben Rowe race his way into the field opening up the Pass North provisional for Kyle. With entry in the main event secured, Kyle went through the motions in his last chance race, finishing 4th in the 10 car field.

In the feature, Kyle started 29th in the 32 car field. Over the first 50 laps, Kyle found a comfortable spot on track settling in around 25th place, saving his tires and under no threat of being lapped. After the caution flag waved around lap 70, the decision was made to start moving forward. With #25 of Ross Kenseth in tow, the two started to move forward in tandem. When the caution waved next, ten positions had been gained putting Kyle 14th and Ross 15th.

On the restart, a slower car in the outside lane cost Kyle a few positions but within a handful of laps, he was able to get his spots back - this time clinging to the rear bumper of the 25. With the 25 sitting 13th and Kyle 14th, the caution flag waved again. On the restart, Kyle immediately dropped inside again hooking to the rear bumper of the 25. With Ross now sitting in 9th and Kyle in 10th, the push forward continued until lap 121, when disaster struck the #88.

Without warning, the electrical system gave way, forcing Kyle to coast to pit road. Thirteen laps were lost changing the solenoid and ruining a top-ten finish. In the closing laps, Ross went on to finish 6th while Kyle returned to track and had to settle for 21st.

Said Kyle, “Even though we didn’t get the finish we deserved, we showed that we can run and compete with the best drivers in the South. Today we passed guys that used to run NASCAR and a few more that someday will be running NASCAR.” Kyle added, “Although we are still underfunded compared to most of these teams, the addition of TJ Brackett to our team now gives us the chance to run in the top 5 or 10 every time we hit the race track. All we need now is a little luck.”

First Race of the Season....

14th place finish in South Carolina Clash 
Kyle made his 2012 debut a successful one, finishing 8th (revised to 14th - see update below) in the 150 lap South Carolina Clash at Dillon Motor Speedway. Being one of only 3 drivers in the 25 car field with a crate motor, Kyle struggled in qualifying, ending up 23rd fastest. In the feature, over powered by the bigger motors, Kyle found himself down a lap about 50 laps into the event. When the caution flag waved on lap 101, Kyle got the lucky dog and found himself in 17th, the last car on the lead lap.

Over the last 49 laps, with the big-motor cars losing grip, Kyle plowed his way forward, passing the likes of Ross Kenseth and Johnny Sauter along the way, crossing the line in 9th place and on the bumper of the 7th and 8th place finishers. Post race inspection resulted in a disqualification moving Kyle up to 8th place.

Update: Two days later, a review of the race by PASS officials suggests that Kyle should not have received the lucky dog and as such, Kyle is being docked a lap and relegated to a 14th place finish. The 88 had transponder issues which may have resulted in this error.  Whatever the scoring, Kyles impressive late race charge will be remembered. 

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